City Of Greensboro $5M Federal Energy Saver Grant Program Running Out Of Funds

8:59 PM, Jan 14, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded the city of Greensboro a $5 million energy efficient grant in May 2010.

The federal funds were a part of a 2 year program, which is scheduled to end on March 31.

Barbara Harris, the program manager for Better Buildings Greensboro told WFMY News 2 that since January 2011, 2,158 people have applied to participate in the energy saver program. Of those who applied, 1,267 households were approved and have received the upgrades. Another 140 applicants are still on track receive the energy upgrades before March 2014, Harris said.

Harris said they have spent about $4.6 million of the $5 million which includes $1,933,203 for energy improvements on homes. 

In a proactive move, last week the city sent letters to approximately 900 Greensboro residents, stating they will be unable to provide energy efficiency services for their homes due to the overwhelming interest and limited grant funds.

Harris stated, she felt the need to provide notice of the funding situation to all households, even as they worked to find funds to continue serve those on the waiting list.

"The money is running out because we have successful served a large number of households in Greensboro. At first, we were hopeful that we would get 500 people to apply. We never imagine that we would have over 2,000 people to submit applications. So at that time, we didn't see the need to make the disclaimer that the grant is subject to the ability of grant funds." said Harris.

City officials tell WFMY News 2, they sent the letters out so that folks are informed that some of them will likely have to be referred to partner agencies. The city spokesperson said, "The letters went out so that we could be proactive in this attempt to help them get service even if it is not through Better Buildings." 

Harris told WFMY News 2's Tony Smith, she knows that people are disappointed and and she will not just walk away and leave the close to 900 applicants without some type of help.

A community meeting for people who will not receive services under the grant is scheduled for Thursday. Details:

When: Thursday, January 16, from 6 pm to 8 pm

Location: Jimmie I Barber Park (1500 Dans Road) in the Simpkins Indoor Sport Pavilion

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