Hikers Rescued From Appalachian Trail

12:13 AM, Jan 5, 2014   |    comments
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Swain County, N.C. -- You could face serious dangers like frost bite or hypothermia, and you don't have to be outside. It can happen in your own home.

One local group that was just rescued from a hiking trip found out how dangerous the cold weather can be. 

Steven White and Jonathan Dobbins are still thawing out. AS experienced hikers, these two and another friend set out on a 10 day hike up the Appalachian Trail. 

They say they prepared: layers of clothing, meals, and saw two days of rain on a weather map. But freezing temperatures caught them off guard. 

Doctors say you do not have to be out hiking with below zero wind chills to be at risk. 

Walking down the street in the cold, or even in your house, you could develop frost bite or hypothermia that could be life threatening. 

Emergency Room doctor Scott Ramming says certain diseases or medications can stop your body from generating enough heat.

Those with mental illness and the elderly cannot easily communicate that they are cold. They may also have more trouble getting help to warm up. 

Doctor Ramming says your extremities feel the chill first.

These hikers built a fire to keep themselves warm and alive in what looked like hopeless conditions. 

They are happy to return back to the upstate on the mend. 

Doctors say do not ignore the signs of getting cold. Look for pale skin, painful or numb extremities, confusion and shivering. If you suspect you may have frost bite or hypothermia, warm the area with luke warm water and see a doctor immediately. 

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