Body Found Covered In Kitty Litter Under Floorboards

2:28 PM, Dec 18, 2013   |    comments
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An Anderson County woman told deputies she and her friend found a body under the floor boards of her home. Now investigators are trying to figure out if it's connected to a missing person case. Courtesy WSPA.

ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. -- A woman told deputies in Anderson County she found a body under the floorboards of her home.

According to WSPA-TV, the coroner's office has identified the body as Frankie Eugenia Black, who disappeared last year.

The woman and a friend were cleaning a bedroom in the home earlier this week. They moved a mattress and the friend fell through a hole in the floor. That's when they found the badly decomposed body. 

The woman said a man gave her the home to pay off a debt - he moved out about a year and a half ago.

A coroner said the body's smell went unnoticed for so long because it was in a room with a lot of trash and the body was covered in cat litter.

Investigators told WSPA they identified Black by a plate in put in her ankle after a car accident in 1986. 

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