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Jack Whitley Gets Class Ring Back 30 Years After He Lost It

12:20 AM, Nov 22, 2013   |    comments
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  • Photo Credit: Faith Christian School

ASHEBORO, N.C. - A ring that has been missing for more than 30 years has found its way back to Jack Whitley's finger.

"On the inside it has my initials, JHW," explained Jack Whitley.

"That's how they identified me as being the owner of the ring."

Whitley doesn't remember exactly when or where he lost his 1977 Faith Christian School class ring but now that it's been found - he has an idea.

"It is crazy... providential actually," said Whitley. 

A few weeks ago, Principal Todd Daniel received a phone call from a woman saying she found a class ring from Faith Christian School.

"She explained she had some fill dirt at her house," said Daniel. 

He says she told her as they were spreading the dirt, she found the ring. 

"She asked if we knew anybody with [JHW] initials and I said, by the date it had to be Jack Whitley." 

Whitley believes he left the ring by his family's pond which has since been filled in. It's now land his brother works on. 

"My brother now owns a trucking company and he hauls fill dirt, gravel, things like that so he moves it in there, someone buys it, he scoops it up and takes it out," said Whitley.

"I think it's a miracle, I mean how do you find something missing he lost on his family's farm, ends up in this lady's back yard, and that ring pops up, pretty amazing," said Daniel. 

Now, Jack just wants to say 'thank-you' - but he doesn't know who to thank.

"He'll get it is what's the most important thing is what she stressed to us, and she left," said Daniel.

"Just did a Good Samaritan deed that nobody knows but her."

"It made me happy, and I would love to be able to tell her," said Whitley. "Not knowing me she did it -- boy you wish more of that kind of thing happened."    

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