Several Show Dogs Die In High Point House Fire

6:58 PM, Nov 13, 2013   |    comments
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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- A Triad family has nowhere to call home after a fire ripped through their two-story residence in High Point Tuesday evening.

The husband, wife and two children not only lost their home and belongings in the fire; they also lost several dogs neighbors say were their livelihood.

"It's sad. You would hate to see this happen to any family," said Jack Ashby.

Broken windows and a gaping hole in the roof of the two story home on Wiltshire Road only tell part of the story of the devastating fire.

"The people that lived in the house came across the street and asked us to call 911, said Ashby who lives across the street.

He says the fire started around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Crews worked late into the night trying to control it and until late Wednesday morning investigating the cause.

The fire department says the home is unlivable - a total loss. They also said several dogs the family owned died in the fire.

"They loved those dogs and they sold them all around the country and maybe out of the country. But that was one of the major parts of their life," said Ashby who added that the family stayed with his for several hours as firefighters worked to douse the flames.

Ashby says the neighbors were dog breeders by profession and had dozens of little Chihuahuas on the property; he says only a handful of the animals made it out alive.

Firefighters were able to rescue one.

"Most of the dogs that they had perished in the fire," Ashby said. "It was sad to see what happened to the family and the dogs."

Ashby says the neighbors are coming together to help the family pick up the pieces.

"We continue to feel, as neighbors, that we're going to do everything we can to help them," he said.

To add to their pain Ashby says the family might not have had insurance to cover any of their loss.

Investigators say they still have not determined the cause of the fire.


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