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Lt. Karen Walter With Greensboro Police Receives $180,000 In Discrimination Lawsuit

7:13 PM, Aug 6, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- It took years, but a Greensboro officer is getting an overdue promotion after settling her discrimination lawsuit with the city of Greensboro.

In 2012 Lt. Karen Walters filed a lawsuit after being passed over on a promotion to Captain. Walters said in the lawsuit that it was because of her gender. She also claimed her working environment was hostile. The Greensboro police chief at the time was Tim Bellamy. 

Tuesday, the current Chief Ken Miller talked to WFMY News 2 about the case.  "As the process moved through, and we moved into depositions there were some things that became clear to us through the deposition process that were not known to us," Miller said.

As a part of the settlement Lt. Walters will get $117,771 and be promoted to captain. The remaining $62,228 will go to the law firm representing her. The suit was settled on August, 2nd. And funds will covered by the insurance.

Chief Miller said before taking over the department, he knew there were a number of lawsuits filed by current officers. He said that he has worked hard to make changes to policies and practices.

"I will tell you that the department under my direction, is a difference department today, then it was 3 years ago. Our processes have been revised when it comes to promotions, transfers, employees conduct and how we maintain our discipline. And those are things that we continue to look at," Miller said.

In October, there are three other discrimination lawsuits set for trial.

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