Former Guilford Co. District Attorney Reacts To Zimmerman Verdict

10:57 PM, Jul 14, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO - There's been no shortage of reaction to the George Zimmerman "not guilty" verdict.  On Sunday, WFMY News 2 spoke with former Guilford County District Attorney Jim Kimel who now practices criminal defense in Greensboro.  Kimel has been on both sides of the aisle in a highly charged criminal case.

Kimel told us this case played out exactly the way it had to.

"I think the process worked because it was a case that had to be tried. There was no way it could have been pled out it was going to have to go in front of a jury. I was a little surprised at the verdict because I was leaning toward voluntary manslaughter as a compromise or an easier way out, so I was a little surprised at the straight not guilty," said Kimel.

Kimel thought the jury did a great job listening to everything presented in the case.

He says he doesn't see where this case has the makings of a federal civil rights case, which is the main request of those who oppose the verdict.

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