What's the difference between kidnapping & human trafficking?

8:16 PM, May 7, 2013   |    comments
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When someone goes missing, we tend to think it is a kidnapping or human trafficking.  Investigators in Cleveland say the three women found in a house were being held against their will and being forced to have sex.

So how do you break down the difference between a kidnapping and human trafficking?

Human trafficking involves an abducted person being forced to do something against their will that benefits the captor, according to an expert WFMY spoke with. 

Believe it or not North Carolina and the Triad is a high profile area for human trafficking, for multiple reasons. One is location. Joe McCann with World Relief said the state's busy highway system helps fuel the problem.  Also, the rise of immigration and the number of highly visited areas in the state also play a role. 

McCann said that although many people have a tendency to keep quiet, it's important to for people to know it's okay to speak out, if they suspect something is wrong.


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