Travel Site Names Greensboro America's Least Sexy City

1:18 AM, Mar 28, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro is America's least sexy city, according to a destination dating site. ranked American cities based on the percentage of rejected trip offers on the site. Travelers surveyed said Greensboro was the least desirable dating destination in America.

The city topped the list with a 100-percent rejection rate.

"Not every destination is an ideal location for falling in love," said founder and CEO Brandon Wade. "A lot of factors have to come together to create a quintessential environment for romance, and when it comes to setting, there's frankly nothing sexy about North Carolina."

But some people who live in Greensboro disagree.

"How can they say we are not sexy? Do that know what he have here?" said Harvey Thompson.

"I think it's all about what you make it," said Greensboro resident Marc Helke. "Because there's plenty of stuff to do in Greensboro. There's plenty of nice restaurants to go out to. And, I mean, I found that where you are doesn't really matter as long as you know what you can do to have fun around there."

WFMY News 2 asked Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins what he thought about the survey.

"Consider the source.  It's a non-event.  I think we'll move onto more important matters," said Perkins.

Many of the cities ranked in the top 10 are located in the Southeast.

Here's the full list from

1. Greensboro, NC 100% 170/170
2. Richmond, VA 98% 100/103
3. Fort Worth, TX 94% 155/165
4. Beverly Hills, CA 92% 1058/1150
5. Chattanooga, TN 90% 178/198
6. Atlantic City, NJ 89% 345/388
7. Atlanta, GA 86% 1238/1440
8. Jacksonville, FL 85% 272/320
9. Corpus Christi, TX 84% 143/170
10. Minneapolis, MN 83% 168/202



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