Toxicology Report Confirms Kenny And Heather Jordan Were Drinking Before Drowning In High Point Retention Pond

10:50 AM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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High Point, NC -- Toxicology test results for two of three family members who drowned in a High Point retention pond last February have returned.

High Point Police Department confirmed both Kenny and Heather Jordan were drinking prior to the incident. They said the Medical Examiner's Office only tested their Blood Alcohol Content, they didn't check for other substances. 

Police said Kenny Jordan woke his family up around 3 a.m. Sunday, February 10 to go swimming in a nearby retention pond. Kenny and Heather, his wife, lead four juveniles to the pond near their house on Highway 68 in High Point. Kenny entered the water first, followed by Heather and her 12-year-old daughter, Nikki Simpkins.

But the cold water paralyzed their bodies; Kenny, Heather and Nikki didn't survive.

"There ended up out of six people there, five of them went in the water. Two of them came out really quick because it was just too cold for them," said Captain Kirk with High Point Police Department in a February interview. "They're the two that ran back to the house and called. The other three stayed in the water, started to struggle and unfortunately succumbed to the hypothermia and we believe more than likely drowned."

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