Greensboro Man Stands Behind 'Cell Control'

10:13 AM, Jul 25, 2010   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- For some, putting down the phone while driving is easy. For others, it's a temptation that can't be resisted.

One local man hopes his solution will catch on. He calls it Cell control.

"We absolutely need some assistance in changing our behavior. Mine has changed significantly and I'm going to help change other peoples'," says Bob Graziano, the Vice President of Cell Control.

He admits, when he jumps into his car and starts driving, it's hard to resist that familiar phone ding.

"I'll hear it come in, but I won't be able to you know, get it until I stop," he explains while showing how the device works.

He says it was less than a year ago when he joined in this new company's fight to keep people from distracted driving. He explains when the device is activated and the car is moving, Cell Control limits his options. His is set up for specific functions.

"I can't text and email when I drive now, so it's second nature."

He says the settings can also be changed to not allow calls to come in.

ObdEdge started the company in 2009 to respond to so many reports of distracted driving. Now, instead of reacting to accidents, they want to proactively prevent them.

"We want to change behavior. We want to give companies and employees and their families the opportunity to not worry about complying. It's absolute. It's there. It's automatic for them," says Graziano.

If you want to check out their website, click on CellControl, or you can check out DriveSafely. There are other applications out there to help you keep your hands on the wheel and off your phone. You simply need to talk to your carrier and find out which are available for your phone.

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