Cyclist Hit By Texting Driver Shares His Story

5:34 PM, May 7, 2010   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Distracted driving takes all forms. One man shares his story of what happened to him after a driver was distracted for just a moment.

"The next was I was waking up in the truck, the emergency truck on the way to the hospital," says Mark Schulz.

Mark Schulz was hit from behind by a woman who was texting while driving.

"I got hit from behind by a woman ... apparently, she was going about 35 miles per hour and I flew about 40 feet down the road. Literally, the handlebars broke off with me and the rear of the bike is basically flat up to the seat."

The police report says the driver was "inattentive" and was "text messaging on her cell phone."

"There's no reason anyone needs to text or talk on the phone and be distracted while driving. Cars are two- to three-thousand pounds, they are a dangerous weapon."

Now texting while driving is illegal in North Carolina, but Mark feels that is not enough.

"Literally, I can stand on a corner, I walk a lot of places too, and usually somewhere between a tenth of the people and half of the people are driving by on the phone and it just makes me want to scream."

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