Fertilizing Hydrangeas With Tips From Chris Olsen

10:37 AM, Jan 18, 2014   |    comments
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Chris Olsen, Gardening and decorating guru shares tips on fertilizing hydrangeas.

Check out his commentary below.

"You know there is one shrub that I get so many emails about constantly - and that is Hydrangeas. Now we have talked about Hydrangeas before - we've talked about when to prune them and when not - remember to prune your Hydrangeas around George Washington's birthday.

But what about turning them different colors? Certain varieties of Hydrangeas you can manipulate the soil so that they change color. And this is the time of year - the winter time - that I will start to fertilize mine with what we call Aluminum Sulfate. This will help acidify - make your soil more acidic - which is what gives us that bluer color. Now usually - but not always - the more acidic your soil becomes the more bluer to purple your Hydrangeas will be.

Now what if you don't want your Hydrangeas blue? What if you want them pink? Now all you have to do is make your soil the exact opposite. More Alkaline. You can do that by buying bags of lime which you can find at most of your garden centers. Lime will make your soil more Alkaline and you will have pinker Hydrangeas. Now once your Hydrangeas get to pink - don't apply too much Lime because you can overdo it. Now remember there is lots of new varieties of Hydrangeas out there as well that they have basically taken the guess work out of color and they will stay their color.

There is also ever bloomers such as endless summer Hydrangeas which come in Blue, Pink and many different colors that will bloom on and off throughout the entire Spring and Summer. So plant yourself some Hydrangeas and you can manipulate the color yourself. This is Today's Home - I'm Chris Olsen."

Chris Olsen

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