Bridal Beauties: Good, Better, Best Food Choices

10:44 AM, Dec 11, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Most of the brides-to-be in our Bridal Beauties group are stressing because our weddings are 6, 7 or 8 months away.  With all the planning for this perfect day, the stress can easily squash good food choices.

So WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain and trainer April Hartsook went to Deep Roots Market in Greensboro to talk about making better food choices. 

"Perimeter shopping is going to give you everything you need," said Hartsook.  And as she says, it's all about making food choices that are, "Good, better, best."

The first stop in any store, fresh produce and vegetables.  "This is where you want to spend most of your time," explained Hartsook.  "The more colorful you can make your plate, the healthier it is. It's going to provide you with the nutrients that you need, the vitamins and minerals that you don't get in pre-packaged and processed foods."

After the vegetables, make sure you check out the fruit section.  But even fruit comes with a warning.  "Fruits are really important. However, fruits can be high in sugar," said Hartsook.  "Remember, everything in moderation."

"And with breads, again, small portion control. Try to stay away from things that are white. White sugars, white flours. Complex carbohydrates that your body can't break down," said Hartsook.

With dairy apply the good, better, best rule.  "So many times people say I don't like eggs, they mess with my intestinal system. You can do things in smaller portions. Egg whites are really, really good for you. You can also do yogurt. The ones made organically are so much better for you than your just regular processed yogurt."

If you're like Tracey and you need pasta in your life, there's a healthier way to eat it.

"Buy whole grain," said Hartsook.  "One of the things people get caught up on are good carbohydrates, and bad carbohydrates. And all that means is whether it's complex enough to break down the fuel your body needs to use quicker for energy.
Whole wheat pasta is one of the best ways you can get those good carbohydrates because its going to break down and its going to be a filler."

When it comes to a complete balanced diet remember you can add lean meat with your meal.  "Just make sure the meats that you add are lean. Add some fish, add some chicken.  If you're a red meat eater, add some good lean red meat," said Hartsook.

Portion size is always a big question.  The rule here, it shouldn't be bigger than your fist.  "Anything that's bigger than your first is too much," she said.  "You should have smaller meals more often throughout the day rather than just trying to fill up."

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