Bridal Beauties: Success In Six Weeks

8:54 AM, Oct 30, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- It's amazing what can happen in six weeks.  And the Bridal Beauties know all about that.

They started out with a goal to get fit in time for their big day and a month and half later they all have big news to share.

WFMY News 2's Tracey McCain and her crew of Bridal Beauties talked about their successes Wednesday on the Good Morning Show.

"I think they can all attest that I've pretty much put you through the ringer.  Muscle body weight plyometrics is no joke.  You don't have to buy a whole bunch of equipment," said April Hartsook, the bridal beauties personal trainer.  "You carry around your own body weight and I make you move it 1,000 times.  It'll get your heart rate going and you'll lose some weight," she added.

On the show you met brides-to-be Tanya and Tracy who are getting married in 2014 and Erika who is one of Tracey McCain's bridesmaids. 

One by one, the group talked about the differences they're seeing.

"My arms seem more tone and I have more stamina during the workouts, so it's good that I can do the whole thing and not be out of breath at the end.  My fiancee says he can see a difference in my arms and he can see more curves," said Tracy, who's getting married in July 2014.

"It's so exciting because I tried my dress on and it actually zips now so small victories," said an excited Tanya, who's wedding date is in August 2014.  "What we're doing with April is working," she added.

"I see changes in my face and I'm excited about that.  What I want is to look fabulous in that dress," said Erika who's been working out with the group for four weeks.  "I'm so excited and this is going to help that."

And as for Tracey McCain, who is now a whole dress size smaller, her mom and fiance are not shying away from the compliments.  "And I love it!!"

You can still join the group.  Just email Tracey at  You can also head to the Bridal Beauties section on  You can watch the brides' progress, plus get workout and nutrition advice from April and a whole lot more!

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