Chris Olsen Shows How To Create The "Spooky" Effect Around Your Home

8:03 AM, Oct 12, 2013   |    comments
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If you want to make your fall decorations to stand out in your neighborhood, listen up.

Our decorating expert, Chris Olsen found some items you can use to create some spooky effects around your home. Check out his commentary below and follow along with the video.


"You want to make your home look Fun, Fresh and Funky at the same time? Well take down that typical piece of art and hang something up that is a three dimensional piece of art.

For example here is a big shadow box. I bought it the way it is - not with the stuff inside - but it was metal and it had a big piece of plexiglass. I took off the plexiglass. Then I took a piece of art I already had somewhere else in the house and I hung that to the back of the shadowbox so it looks like the sky.

I also had these metal branches which are actually made out of wire. Instead of hanging them vertical on the wall I made them look like trees. Like something from a Haunty Forrest. Then I took green sheet moss and made it look like hills below. And then took small orange and white ghords to make them look like pumpkins so I have a real cool three dimensional piece of art.

Now what's great about this is you can change it up. I mean you can hang this in the kitchen. You could put a chalkboard inside of here and recipes and your to-do lists - then put some cookbooks below here. Or because it's metal magnets will stick to it and you can hang your kids pictures they make in school. It's just whatever you want. But we so often this by putting some types of house plants below it. We put some Ferns which have some nice green and softness.

Some really vivid burgundy begonias stacked up on books and we added a few more pumpkins and ghords just to add a total full look. That's simple. Again, always outdo yourself. I'm Chris Olsen wishing you a Happy Fall."


Chris Olsen, Today's Home

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