Hundreds of Citations Issued with Zero Tolerance on Wendover Ave.

7:28 AM, Sep 2, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO - The Greensboro Police Department said law enforcement issued a total of 360 citations in the month of August during the implementation of its "zero-tolerance enforcement" policy along the 11-mile stretch of Wendover Avenue between Penry Road and Bridford Parkway.

The most common citations included 149 speeding violations, 119 for driver violations of the seat belt law, 21 for displaying an expired registration plate, 13 for driving with a suspended or revoked license and 10 for driving with no operator license.

The road has been deemed by law enforcement as dangerous and deadly in recent years. There were a total of 811 motor vehicle crashes last year.  In the past two years, six people--including two pedestrians--died on Wendover Avenue.

In addition to officers patrolling Wendover Avenue, various law enforcement agencies from all over the state will be out on roadways Monday conducting various DWI checkpoints near parks and recreational areas.  Monday is the last day for the "On the Road, On the Water: Don't Drink and Drive" campaign. 

The Greensboro Police Department has issued safety tips in light of the holiday.  It reminds drivers to make sure their cars are in good, working order and to have their tires-including the spares-properly inflated.  They should check the functionality of their headlights and windshield wipers.  GPD also suggests drivers plan their routes home and let someone trusted know their expected arrival time. GPD advises not to post that information on social media.

Drivers also should plan an alternate route in case of traffic delays and print out a map or hand-written directions, in case their GPS systems or phone mapping programs fail.

The zero-tolerance enforcement policy on Wendover Avenue runs through the first week in October.  Law enforcement will continue, with "selective enforcement," cracking down on dangerous driving.  




























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