Chris Olsen Demonstrates How To Build Your Own Grill

8:58 AM, Aug 24, 2013   |    comments
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How many grills have you thrown out since you purchased your home?

Sometimes they just don't last. But you can build a permanent one with Chris Olsen's help.

Follow along with his commentary with the video segment.

"I am tired. I am not tired because the project took long - I'm tired because of the summer heat. I tell you what. No lie - I just built this fire pit in less than fifteen minutes.

It's all about pre-planning, the hardest part was getting these Keystone blocks to the back yard. And this is all you have to do. If you want a fire pit, which I suggest over a fireplace, because first of all think about it. A fireplace, only those that sit right in front of it can feel the heat. With a fire pit everybody that sits around it can feel the heat.

The first thing you do is start off with level ground in an area that drains well because you don't want it wet. Then I went ahead and made my own little center grill piece. This is
just re-bar and I connected it with hose clamps. I took an old grill top and also attached that and put it down in the center of my area because that is going to tell me how big I want my fire pit.

Then all I did was go around and around and around with all the Keystone until I got to the top layer which is about three layers high. You may want to do four - you may want to do five. You may want to make this much bigger.

Then for the final thing is, I took my center grill piece out and poured pea gravel. That allows for good drainage. I also poured the pea gravel around the outside in case we have sparks
- that type of thing. Then I took an oversized grill top and I put that on top - so not only can I have a nice fire - BUT now we can grill and barbq out here.

So 10 to 15 minutes this project can be done. You can do it. A great weekend project. You're watching Today's Home and I'm Chris Olsen. It is time to cook some food!"

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