Expert Tips To Save Money On Prescription Medicine

7:07 AM, Aug 12, 2013   |    comments
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WFMY -- If you regularly take medicine or you've had to buy medicine for your kids when they were sick, you know just how expensive prescription medication can be.

According to Consumer Reports, people who regularly take a prescription drug, spend on average $758 a year on medicine. 

The cost can easily eat into a family's budget.

So we asked Lisa Gill, with Consumer Reports, to share some ways to save on your prescriptions.

Gill said Consumer Reports analyzed prices across the country and found ways for people to save.

"One of the most surprising things is to actually not use your insurance, believe it or not," said Gill.  "All national chain drug stores, many supermarkets and big box drug stores offer discount generic programs that you can take advantage of without using insurance."

Gill said a lot of the programs offer common medications for as little as $4 a month or $10 for three months.  

"Another thing we discovered is that pharmacies don't always give you the best price," she said.

Gill said you actually have to ask pharmacies whether they're giving you the best deal.  She suggested asking if there is a discount program you can be part of.

"Our secret shoppers discovered discounts for students, discounts for seniors.  There are discounts all over the place that people don't know about.  And pharmacies often fail to tell you," she said. 

Gill said there are also ways you can use the new healthcare to save money.

"The affordable care act allows adult children, under the age of 26, to remain on their parents' heath care insurance.  And that includes for their drugs as well.  You don't even have to live in the same house as your parents to still get coverage," said Gill.

Gill said the new law also offers coverage for preventative services.  Most of them are actually free. 

"Some screening tests, like cancer screenings and vaccines, will be free under the Affordable Care Act, so that's a great way to save money," she said.  

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