Police Say No Human Involvement In Sexual Assault Of Toddler

3:48 PM, Aug 6, 2007   |    comments
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Buffalo, NY -- Lockport Police say DNA results show no human involvement in the sexual assault of a two-year-old boy July 8th. 

Police Chief Neil Merritt says they were confident of witness reports even before the scientific evidence was in.

"I don't think that there's any doubt because there's a number of witnesses, because this occurred inside, then the dog ran out onto the porch."

The boy's mother told Lockport Police that she left her two year old unattended for a short time and after hearing the baby scream, she ran to see what was wrong.

When she got in the room, she told Lockport Police the dog, named "Bear", had sodomized the toddler. The mother screamed, scaring the dog out of the house, but the dog was still attached to the baby.

One neighbor told WGRZ she heard the mother screaming "The dog is raping my baby." Neighbors ran to help, but only one man was able to get the dog and child apart.

Anastacio Castillo says "I tried to get the dog away from the baby, the dog was already inside the baby." When the baby was finally free, he was visibly sick. Castillo says the boy was vomiting and bleeding.

The baby was rushed to Women and Children's Hospital where the toddler underwent reconstructive surgery. Hospital officials are no longer verifying that he is a patient there.

Lockport Police say they continue to investigate how a pitbull sodomized a toddler. They are looking into calls that the dog may have been trained, but they don't know by whom.

"Some experts are saying that it's not possible for a dog to do that without being trained, and then we have experts that say it's very possible, that it could happen, the dog just being exposed to the scent of a female dog in heat," said Merritt.

The pitbull has been evaluated. According to officials at the Niagara County SPCA, the dog spent 24 hours with an animal behaviorist. Results of the evaluation will be turned over to police.

Since the attack, over 20 people have called the SPCA asking to adopt the pitbull. Chief Merritt says it'll likely be up to a judge to decide what happens to the dog after the investigation is complete.

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