Viewer Feels Unsafe Walking, 2WTK Finds App For That

4:02 PM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. - 2 Wants To Know got an e-mail from a viewer scared for their safety in their own apartment parking lot. We found an app for that! The viewer unfortunately parked in a handicap spot to be closer to her door and got a $400 ticket. We can't do anything about that decision--but we can help with a safety app for next time - for her and for you.

"Watch Over Me" helps you stay safe in those desolate parking lot situations. It's basically a timer. But if you don't press the "I'm okay" button by the time that time's up, it notifies your emergency contact that something might be wrong. It's available on both iTunes and Android. There's a free trial or it's $1.99 a month.

"B Safe" works in a similar fashion. It also lets you set a timer and notify guardians. Even sending them your GPS information to your guardians and sends a 10-second video when you press the S-O-S button. It's also free and is available on Android and iPhone.

To view even more safety apps , check out Tech Live's blog.

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