Chris Olsen Shows How to Decorate Your Yard For Fall

8:24 AM, Oct 26, 2013   |    comments
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If you haven't decorated your house for fall, now is the time. Our decorating expert, Chris Olsen has some different ways you can use pumpkins to make your yard standout. Check out his commentary below and follow along with the video.

"You know what? Why not wait before you plant your pansies and ornamental cabbage and things like that in the Fall? Instead create your own Pumpkin Art and that is what we did here.

This is on the way up to the Front Door. You know I already had the Coral Bells here where are a great, wonderful shade perennial. So I kept those because I wanted those for years to come. But I thought to myself - why not create your own Pumpkin art?

All you have to do is take a whole different assortment of pumpkins and ghords. Now remember - Autumn is about Harvest
so the more pumpkins and ghords the better.

Here we have the Old Fashioned Jack O'Lantern - still one of my favorites. We got the White Lumina Pumpkin, we got the Peanut Pumpkin, we got the Warted Pumpkin, we got the Fairytale Pumpkin, we got the Pie Pumpkin - the list goes on and on.

What we have here now is a beautiful design. Everything is done in groupings - so you can let your imagination go wild and do whatever design you want. ANYWHERE you want
in your yard - it could be shade or full sun for that matter.

Over here at our turtle pond look what we did. We only did the Pie Pumpkins - just a whole assortment of them and it looks beautiful but its so simple. That orange just gives it that pop of color.

Now when Thanksgiving is over - then you can come back and plant your pansies and your Ornamental Cabbages, your Swiss
Chard and things like that. So again - be different, make the walkway up to your yard beautiful.

Your neighbors are going to be jealous, your family is going to be jealous - but you're going to be one happy person. I'm Chris Olsen and Happy Fall."

Chris Olsen, Today's Home

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