Chris Olsen Offers Tips On Interior Decorating Autumn Terrariums

8:15 AM, Oct 19, 2013   |    comments
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Are you looking for ways to bring the fall season into your home? Chris Olsen shows you how to decorate with autumn terrariums in Today's Home.

Check out his commentary below.

"You know what the rage is right now when it comes to interior decorating? Well it's called planted terrariums where you take house plants and shove them full of all different varieties and you can either have a glass lid on top or not. They look great on bookcases and fireplace mantles - even coffee tables.

Well we went a step further. We went ahead and created Pumpkin Terrariums. These Pumpkins Terrariums are awesome because they are done in layers. Actually they kinda remind me of the Ant Farms from the seventies - remember we used to have these little clear plastic boxes where the ants lived and they made these little layers of sand? That's exactly kinda what it looks like.

Instead we did it in layers of pumpkins and green sheet moss. Now you can find green sheet moss at a local florist. Now you don't want to premoistenit because we don't want the moisture between the layers because it will mold the ghords. Now I chose to use orange and white ghords. Now I took the green sheet moss and started that as my base layer and kinda started it high at one end and lowered it down so it looked a little bit more natural - then I followed that design with the next layer of ghords.

Now you can do mixed ghords if you want whatever you choose to do. I stopped about six inches from the top of the terrariums just to give me enough space to put these great branches. These are buckeye branches that I grew in my backyard. It gives it a little bit more of a spooky feeling. And then for the final touches I went ahead and put this glazed bowl on a stack of books full of mixed ghords. The end result is I have a beautiful autumn display. I'm Chris Olsen - live life to the fullest."






Chris Olsen, Today's Home

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