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Top Ways To Baby Proof Your Home

9:46 AM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO - The one thing every new parent wants to do is keep their baby safe.  You baby proof your home, because you know, even the most harmless items could cause a huge risk.

Pregnancy and parenting website, shares some ways to keep your baby safe.

In the Kitchen
• Install covers for stove and oven knobs.
• Consider an appliance latch for the oven door, and a stove guard to block access to burners
• Get in the habit of cooking on the back burners and turning pot handles toward the wall.
• Place hot food and drinks away from the edges of tables and counters
• And don't use place mats and tablecloths, because if the baby yanks, everything on top will go crashing down.

Throughout the House:
• Place colorful stickers all over large glass doors or windows• Secure heavy furniture, such as book cases and cabinets to walls to prevent accidental tipping.
• As a general rule of thumb, always keep cabinets securely closed and locked.  Also keep all cleaning products and medications away from your baby

In the Bathroom:
• Purchase a bathtub ring for baby to sit in (and never, ever leave baby alone in the tub, not even for a moment!)
• Make sure all medications have childproof tops, and that your medicine cabinet has a secure latch
• Install safety locks on toilets

• Empty wading pools and store upright after each use
• Check for any water collection after rain or snow and drain it completely.

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