Putting It In Writing Solves This Billing Problem

1:44 PM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- We surround ourselves with technology - phones, tablets, computers, mp3 players. We get pretty aggravating when they don't work. But is it worse when the billing gets screwed up? Well bill problems with her mobile phone made Jennifer Smith reach out to Call for Action. We went old school and offered her a low-tech solution.

On our advice, Jennifer Smith put her complaint in writing to AT & T.

"To whom it may concern: Each month since I closed my account, I'm still being billed for various amounts for services I no longer have."
"To be honest I really didn't think the letter was going to work," says Jennifer.

But - "I was pleasantly surprised three weeks later when I got a letter from AT & T saying that they had made a mistake and they apologized for the inconvenience."

Getting rid of her old flip phone and getting rid of AT&T as her service provider started the problem. "I wanted my same number. In order to do that, I had to pay off my balance on my account.

That was April 1. Come May - "I got a bill. For a $189. So I called them up and I spoke to someone on the phone who said they were going to zero it out. It was a mistake."

Come June - another bill, this time for $23.79. "And I called them again and they said they were going to zero out the account." Jennifer adds, "Nobody would send me a confirmation saying it was resolved. They said, 'We don't do that, send emails.'"

And then July, another bill. Finally though, she did get something in writing from AT & T - an email asking her to call. "They said I had a past due account. They were going to close my account and send me to collections if I didn't pay my bill in full. That was totally the last straw."

When Jennifer emailed Call for Action, we told Jennifer to write AT & T a letter, and gave her an outline of what to say. "I'm just very, very grateful it's resolved. I don't think ..my personal opinion is.. I don't think it would have been resolved as quickly and as easily if I didn't have help."

In her letter, Jennifer wrote she had contacted WFMY News 2. She believes that made AT & T fix the problem for good. Sometimes our call letters can prompt a company to act,  but we really believe Jennifer putting the problem in writing resolved her billing issue. So here are a few points to remember when you write your own letter.

  • State the problem simply and include the resolution you want.
  • You'll also want to put in the dates, times and names of the people you talked to before.
  • And be sure to send the letter via registered mail so you know it's been received.


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