Prepare Your Kids For An Emergency Without Scaring Them

3:55 PM, Sep 13, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- All week, 2 Wants to Know has been talking about emergency preparedness. It's important for adults to be prepared, but it may be even more important to make sure your kids are prepared.

But how do you talk to them without scaring them? Shannon Koontz with Piedmont Parent Magazine joined Tanya Rivera to talk about how to talk to kids about planning for disasters. Koontz said, "Don't discredit their fears by saying disasters can't happen here, because they happen everywhere. Just answer questions that they may have with simple language, not giving them too many scary details based on disasters and emergencies that have happened elsewhere. Stick to discussing things that they can do to help the situation and themselves in the event of a disaster. This will help them to feel empowered and prepared."

There are also ways you can involve kids in their planning. Koontz said, "One way is to design a map of your house. For younger kids, you can draw it and they can color in two safe ways to get out. Pick a home base both near your house and their school, someplace where they feel safe that is also out of harm's way. Let them help you put together an emergency kit so they can know what goes in it, and ask questions if needed. They may also want to pack a small bag of their own containing some of their favorite things."

Koontz also said safety events in the community are also a good way to educate kids to help lessen their fears. She said talking them to meet the people who help them in an emergency like fire and police officials and get even more educated on disaster planning.

You can get more information on children and family events in the Triad by going to Piedmont Parent's website or by following them on Twitter: @PiedmontParent.

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