Rascal on WFMY News 2 the Rescue 7/27/13

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Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society

P.O. Box 9671

Greensboro, NC 27429



An animal control officer found Rascal as a stray and sadly, his family never came to spring him from doggie jail. This pretty boy is a smooth tweenie dachshund weighing around 14 pounds with a beautiful dark red tint to his coat. He came into rescue with bald spots on his ear flaps and swollen skin on his hocks. The vet put him on a diet of special food and supplements to regain his coat, and now it is coming back nice and soft. Rascal is a very sweet dachshund. Even at 8 years of age (we think), he loves to run and play in the yard with his foster brothers and sisters. His age is an estimate; he could be younger but it's hard to tell.

Rascal loves to sit with you during TV time. He would be a good friend to children aged 10 and up, though he hasn't been tested with any younger kiddos yet. He will growl at the other fosters when they get too close to his food (after all, this formerly homeless pup has to learn that meals are regular now), but otherwise he likes to play with everyone. He has been a perfect gentleman in his foster home, diplomatically staying out of various disagreements with his foster siblings. He needs a little help with his housetraining, but he is so willing to please that we think he will catch on in no time. Rascal is crate trained and does ok on a leash, but still needs some more practice since he just loves to run. A fenced in yard would be a bonus since this little boy so enjoys running and playing outside.

No doubt about it, Rascal loves his food. In fact, he can eat three times as much as anyone else and still stay trim! We think his metabolism rate is high, and since he does need to gain some weight, his foster mom is feeding him larger-than-normal meals.

Rascal is neutered, current on vaccines, heartworm negative, on heartworm prevention, and has been dewormed. He had some bloodwork done to check his thyroid and a small panel to check his liver and kidneys. All came back normal and his health is fantastic.

WFMY News 2 / Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society

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