Mr. Snoots on WFMY News 2 the Rescue 7/27/13

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Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society

P.O. Box 9671

Greensboro, NC 27429

Mr. Snoots, a mini red male dachshund, was sent to a local animal control shelter after the puppymill he had been living in was closed down due to inhumane living conditions. After being at the shelter for 4 months, the shelter staff (having become quite fond of Mr. Snoots) had decided to call in rescue to help him find the perfect home. Just before rescue was called, a volunteer accidentally put a much larger dog in the kennel with Mr. Snoots. That dog attacked Mr. Snoots and broke his leg. He is presently going for weekly trips to the vet for splint changes and laser therapy. While in the shelter, Mr. Snoots had an extensive dental and all of his teeth were removed. Because of the heavy infection and rotting in his mouth, Mr. Snoots has developed holes in his gums where teeth rotted away while he was at the puppymill.  Dental surgery is scheduled to close these holes as soon as his broken leg is healed.  Mr. Snoots is estimated to be an older gentleman but his exact age is not known, but puppymill dogs age faster than family pets due to the stress of their environment.  He has plenty of energy to walk around the yard to smell past traces of squirrels and rabbits.  He is a wonderful dog and will make someone a great companion. He loves to give and receive lots of love! He likes car rides and hanging out with his foster family.  He gets along with everyone he meets (including cats). There is just so many special things about Mr. Snoots and there is no doubt his new home will be forever paid back in lots of love from Mr. Snoots for providing him with a forever soft place to rest his head!  Mr. Snoots is heartworm negative on prevention, neutered, and current on his vaccines.  No need for a dental since Mr. Snoots lost all his teeth while in the puppymill.  

WFMY News 2 / Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society

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