Fire Trucks Weight & Other Details About Those 'Big Reds'

5:29 PM, Jul 19, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Jake has today's Kids Want to Know question, "how much do fire trucks weigh?"

Christopher L. Johnson, Captain of the Critical Resources and Equipment Services for the Greensboro Fire Department explained that it depends on which truck you're asking about. He gave us the statistics on three of their trucks.

The Ladder Truck
Johnson said they typically they weigh 65,000 pounds. "We carry 6 different types of ladder trucks within the city of Greensboro and this right here is a 70 foot aerial that has a platform or a basket on it, that firefighters could go up in the basket and spray large amounts of water on a fire."

Engine/Pumper Truck

The pumper truck's primary responsibility is to attack the fire. They pull the lines off the truck, they spray the water, put the fire out. He said it weighs 35,000 pounds and the city of Greensboro has 23 of them in their fleet.

Heavy Rescue
Johnson pointed out that heavy rescue trucks are different. They don't carry a ladder and don't have water, but they can do a lot! He said, "they can do search and rescue, they can do trench, confined space, they repel from buildings, they do land searches, they're multi-faceted." It weighs 28,000 pounds.

Firefighter Chris also showed off the turnout gear and tools firefighters use. To watch that video, click play on the web extra!

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