GTCC Is Looking For Applicants For Their New, Free Aircraft Manufacturing Training

10:40 PM, Jul 18, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- GTCC will offer free training for 40 students starting late summer in the aircraft manufacturing industry.

Free training, good pay, and an industry that's taking off.

It's the perfect opportunity for someone looking for a career change or for someone looking for a job.

Guilford Technical Community College will train students for aircraft manufacturing at no charge but they're looking for more people to apply.

Thanks to a grant to Honda Aircraft from the state, 40 students will be selected for the opportunity. The program is hoping to have a big talent pool to pick from. They want at least 200 more applicants.

"We're expecting a huge increase in number of entry level assembly mechanics in this area," said Steve Jones, the Assistant Director with the Workforce Development Board.

The program at GTCC starts in August and is designed to place people in entry level positions. Daytime and evening classes will be offered Monday through Friday. The training includes computer control and using various industry tools and techniques.

Although employment isn't guaranteed, the program is designed with skills in mind to make students highly marketable to the aviation manufacturing industry.

"Folks have the opportunity to get their feet wet in the industry, then to get hired, and get additional training later if that's appropriate for them," said Jones.

The training will help students qualify for entry level jobs that pay at least $12 per hour.

Sign up here at

You can also call the Greensboro JobLink Career Center at 373-5922 and ask for Operator 8 or the High Point JobLink Career Center at 885-8826 and ask for Operator 8. 

WFMY News 2, GTCC, Guilford County Workplace Development Board

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