Dog Buries Puppy YouTube Video Goes Viral

7:20 AM, Jun 25, 2013   |    comments
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"Dog buries his puppy in Iraq," courtesy YouTube.

A video of a dog burying a puppy is going viral on YouTube.

During the 3:50 video, a black-and-white dog approaches a dead puppy and uses his snout to push dirt over his companion until he is completely covered.

Several on-lookers are seen recording and watching the dog's act of mourning. At the end of the video, one of the men throws a device or tool near the newly buried puppy before photos of a uniformed man appears on the screen. In one photo he appears to be giving the black-and-white dog a treat.

The video, uploaded by WhoIsYourBaghdaddy, doesn't provide much information about the video other than saying, "Dog buries his puppy in Iraq." The video was uploaded June 12, 2013 and has more than 216,700 views at the time of this report.

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