Chef Andy Furness Shares His Recipes For Grilled Scallops with Peach Bourbon Glaze and Squash Ribbons with Feta Cheese

8:23 AM, Jun 23, 2013   |    comments
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Heirloom Zucchini & Squash Ribbons with feta cheese, local tomatoes, fresh herbs & lemon chili oil

(2) yellow zucchini
(2) green & yellow squash
(2) zucchini
(4-6) assorted heirloom tomatoes, cut however you would like
(a handful) fresh herbs, whatever you have available, ie: basil, parsley, mint; chopped
(3oz) feta cheese, crumbled
(2oz) lemon chili oil*

-Lemon Chili Oil
(4oz) extra virgin olive oil
(zest of 2) lemons
(2tbsp) red chili flakes or Szechuan peppercorn flakes
-Steep lemon zest & peppercorn flakes in oil for at least 12hours. Strain & enjoy. Or just buy some from a local grocery store

-Shave zucchini & squash into ribbons. Toss with cheese, tomatoes & herbs. Lightly dress with lemon chili oil

Grilled Scallops with Peach Bourbon Glaze, served with garlic & herb buttered grilled corn (& salad from 1st segment)
-for 2-3 servings
(4-6) U10 diver scallops
(3oz) peach bourbon glaze
(2-3) herb grilled ears of corn

-Peach Bourbon Glaze
(3) ripe peaches, pitted & roughly chopped
(2oz) small batch bourbon
(2tbsp) brown sugar
(1tsp) hot sauce of choice
salt & pepper to taste
-Saute peaches on medium high heat until they begin to break down. Deglaze with bourbon. Ignite. Add all other ingredients & simmer until thick on medium low, about 15min. Puree & strain

-Fresh Herb Butter
(1/2lb) butter, softened to room temp
(juice & zest of 1) lemon
(small handful) fresh herbs of your choice
salt & pepper
-Whisk herbs, lemon juice & zest & butter until uniform
-Husk corn, remove silk, liberally coat with butter. Cover with husk, grill until soft, about 15min, turning occasionally

-Grill scallops on a well lubricated, clean grill at medium high for 2-3min per side. Glaze after the first flip. Glaze again after removing from the grill

-Plate with zucchini salad & grilled corn


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