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News 2 and High Point Police Catch Numerous School Bus Stop Arm Violators

10:34 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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High Point, NC-- WFMY News 2 and High Point police catch drivers traveling past a stopped school bus despite the flashing red lights, extended stop arm, and children getting on or off!

Officers say a car passing a stopped bus can put kids in danger, plain and simple.

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High Point Police gave News 2 access to the video from their cop camera.  The camera captured several violators illegally passing a stopped school bus.

High Point police actually called WFMY News 2's Liz Crawford to check it out after they wrote six citations in three days.

News 2 staked out with High Point police Friday afternoon.  We were there when officers handed a ticket to a driver for allegedly breaking the law.

It happened just after 4pm. A girl was getting off the bus at Gallimore Dairy Rd. and Highway 68. News 2 approached the man driving the car while the police officer wrote the ticket.

"I saw it as I was approaching the intersection with his flashing lights in the right lane and I was in the middle lane and I was up and I assumed I was beside it already. I never saw any red flashing lights," said driver Eric Sumner.

Sumner told us he's never had a school bus violation before adding, "I'm very conscientious when it comes to school buses and I'm just sort of shocked that I didn't somehow see that one stopped."

Police told us this type of response is typical. Officer Peter Abernethy said he hears the excuse all the time that the driver didn't see the stopped bus or that the driver didn't know what to do.

Since September, High Point police have issued 47 stop arm citations; 34 of them happened at the same stop at the intersection of Gallimore Dairy Rd. and Highway 68.

"There's a child that's getting ready to cross the road. That's a guarantee if the bus is stopped. Somebody is getting on or off," said Officer Abernethy.

Bus drivers say they're fed up, too. Jane Moody, a Guilford County Schools bus driver, says she sees a violator every other day.

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"I can see it coming and I just simply start blowing the horn and I do not quit blowing the horn because I don't want students to go out in the road," said Moody.

WFMY News 2, High Point Police

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