SD Deer Fight In Sioux Falls Park

6:04 PM, Mar 30, 2013   |    comments
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-- There's a big herd of deer hanging around right in the heart of Sioux Falls. On any given evening you can see forty or more deer near 41st and Minnesota at Tomar Park. While deer herding up in the winter it is nothing unusual, the video we're about to show you "is" unusual. You're about to see what happens when deer get mad.

We tend to picture deer peacefully grazing along the banks of a river, keeping a watchful eye out for people and predators, running away at the first sign of danger.

But did you know that deer have a dark side? When bucks don't have antlers to fight with, they stand straight up on their hind legs and battle with razor sharp hooves.

Wildlife biologist Julie DeJong says combat at this time of year don't last as long as antler fights in the fall and that's why you rarely get to see it.

And while brawls like this don't usually result in injuries, this one does. Take a look at the dramatic end to this fist fight.

But the deer that goes over the bleachers walks away without a scratch. The buck that apparently won the battle loses the war and ends up limping away with an injured front leg. DeJong says she's surprised by the intensity of the clash.

And while the whole bout lasts just 30 seconds, it provides a rare look at how deer really establish who is "king of the hill."


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