Grant Gilmore

2:53 PM, Sep 9, 2013   |    comments
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A native of Saline, Michigan, Meteorologist Grant Gilmore makes his way to the triad by way of Macon, GA where he was the morning and midday meteorologist for 13WMAZ, a sister station of WFMY News 2.

Grant is no stranger, however, to North Carolina. Graduating from the University of North Carolina Asheville with a B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences and a minor in Mathematics, Grant is excited to make his return to the dynamic weather patterns of the Tar Heel state.

In June 2009 Grant was awarded the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist (CBM) designation by the American Meteorological Society. He was the first meteorologist in the Triad to receive this prestigious recognition.

Q & A:

What is the craziest job you have ever had?

Being a meteorologist... No, I guess it depends on how you define crazy, but I would probably have to say that the craziest job that I have ever had would be working as a tree stump remover. I spent most of my summers through middle and high school removing tree stumps for my grandfather's company in Cincinnati, OH.

What are your hobbies?
I generally like to get outside and do something regardless of the weather. My preference would to be out on the soccer field, but just hitting the streets and running will usually suffice. However, lately I have taken up backpacking and exploring the expansive outdoors. Other hobbies include, playing the piano, watching sports on TV, and trying to sit down long enough to read a book.

Name one of you role models.
I don't think I could hold one person above the rest, so I'll just say my family. From my little sister to my great grandparents, I?ve learned something from all of them and can?t say that I would be who I am today without my family.

If you weren't a meteorologist, what would you do for a living?
I would probably be a doctor. While playing soccer at UNCA, I injured my knee and needed reconstructive surgery. Even before my surgery I was interested in the medical field, but the rehab process definitely ignited a natural curiosity for the mechanics of the human body. During college I actually took both pre-med and atmospheric courses before finally deciding to focus on meteorology.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Saline, Michigan a small town just outside of Ann Arbor (Go Blue). My childhood consisted of two months of summer with the rest of the year being early, middle and late winter. Subconsciously I think that is why I have since lived south of the Mason Dixon Line. I did, however, spend almost three years living in Strasburg, France while in grade school.

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