Kids Train Dogs To Keep Them Out Of Trouble

6:15 PM, Nov 8, 2011   |    comments
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At-risk kids get help turning their lives around by training dogs... and the dogs get new skills.

Greensboro --  Frankie Heath feels that the "natural bond between people and dogs is incredibly powerful."  Most people would agree.  However, Frankie takes it one step farther and believes that connection can actually bear miracles. 

She might be on to something.

Frankie has taken a special interest in at-risk kids.  She says she's bothered by the possibility of kids falling prey to drugs, gangs and other bad influences.  Her goal is to stop problems before they have a chance to get too far. 

She also has a heart for homeless dogs.  Without a permanent home, they are subject to wander the streets - possibly making it to a shelter, only to be euthanized. 

Two problems, one solution.

People & Paws 4 Hope.

Frankie pairs at-risk kids with rescue dogs in hopes that they can help save each other.  The kids learn to teach the dogs basic skills.  With those new skills, the dogs should be more appealing to their future families.  The kids win too.  They learn to look outside of themselves and care for something else.  It teaches them responsibility and respect for themselves and others. 

Heath has just seen her first class graduate.  From here, they will go on to participate in outreach.  They can tell their stories and hopefully get others to participate.  For more information, here's their website

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