Woman Inspires Girls To Dream Big

4:59 PM, Jun 7, 2011   |    comments
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After her granddaughter was having trouble in school, Donna Foxx created Empowered Sparks to give her granddaughter and her friends a way to connect with each other and with female role models.

Greensboro --  Being a pre-teen girl isn't always easy.  Middle school can be a tough place.  Fitting in can be hard.  There are bullies to avoid.  Finding good friends - who are also good examples is another challenge. 

When Donna Foxx's granddaughter was having trouble in school, Foxx decided to get to the bottom of it.  She talked to her granddaughter and asked what she needed.  She said she needed friends and she wanted to belong. 

Being a woman of action, Foxx decided that was something she could help with.  After being in the public school system for 30 years, she had more than a little experience and quite a few connections.  She got together with a good friend and gathered some good female role models from the community.   She created Empowered Sparks- Smart Prepared Adolescents Reaching for Knowledge and Success.

Now Foxx meets with the girls on a regular basis to encourage them to be proud of who they are and to set and reach goals.  They recently held a fish fry fundraiser for summer camp fees.  Foxx used it to teach the girls about running a business.  They learned about marketing by making posters and doing radio ads.  They learned how to handle money and deal with customers.  Foxx sees everything as a learning opportunity.

If you would like to be part of Empowered Sparks or know a girl age 8-13 who might benefit from the organization, you can get more information from their website.



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