Jack Russell Terrier Dog Stomped On When House Burglarized

7:07 PM, Dec 20, 2012   |    comments
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MARIETTA, Ga. -- There are signs all around a Marietta house warning burglars to beware. But police say that didn't stop them Monday, when they busted through the door to steal electronics, jewelry, and even some of their kids' Christmas presents.

But it's what happened to their dog that has the family so upset.

Richard, their Jack Russell terrier has hardly moved in two days. He's awake and aware, but he can't stand up or walk.

"Jack Russells are a pretty hearty breed so I would suspect it was pretty excessive," said Dr. Melynda Stephenson.

Stephenson has been treating Richard at Terrell Mill Animal hospital. She believes he has a spinal injury, which keeps him from moving the right side of his body. His owner thinks the burglars stomped on his body to make him stop barking.

"He looks at me basically saying 'why'? He was doing what he was trained to do, [which] was protect the house," said his owner Angela Brown.

Richard is a rescue dog, taken from an abusive home more than five years ago. It took plenty of patience to win his trust, but he has become their seven year old son's best friend.

On Tuesday, Dorian visited Richard at the veterinarian's office and had plenty of questions on the way home.

"He said, I now understand what the President means when he said there are bad people in this world," said Brown.

The burglars got away with more than $5,000 worth of electronics. When they took the laptop and camera, they also took 11 years of memories.

"We were in the process of making a digital photo album so we had the laptop and the camera just transferring everything," said Brown.

That means the pictures of Brown's seven year old son holding his brand new baby brother are gone. Birthdays, Christmases, all gone.

Brown hopes one of the thieves will realize what they've done and at least return the memory card with their pictures.

"They know where we live. If you want, drop it in our mailbox. Keep the rings, keep everything else, we can replace that, it's just memories. You can't replace memories," said Brown.

The animal hospital is collecting money to replace the family's Christmas presents and help pay Richard's medical bills. Contact 770-952-9300 if you want to help.

"With a new baby and to have a pet, a little boys best friend hurt in this way it really touched all of our hearts," said Stephenson.


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