Do You Practice Chicken Safety?

7:13 PM, Jan 7, 2014   |    comments
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Chicken Nuggets (Stock Photo)

Consumer Reports put your kitchen skills to the test. See how 1,005 people responded when asked about their chicken buying and cooking habits.

57% use a cutting board designed for raw meat

--Consumer Reports' tip: Get two boards to prevent cross-contamination.

93% wash their hands after handling raw poultry

--Consumer Reports' tip: Wash for 20 seconds using warm water and soap every time you touch raw meat - frozen or fresh - even if it means multiple washings.

32% buy chicken last at the store

--Consumer Reports' tip: Keeping chicken cold prevents bacteria overgrowth so hit the meat section last.

72% wash chicken before cooking

--Consumer Reports' tip: Stop. That can increase your risk of getting sick. Bacteria can spread up to 3 feet from the sink and those areas might not get disinfected.

65% put chicken in the plastic bag at the store

--Consumer Reports' tip: It's always a good idea to prevent the juices from contaminating other food.

30% use a meat thermometer

--Consumer Reports' tip: Get one! 82% said they cooked chicken to 165-degrees, the recommended internal temperature. But without a thermometer, you don't know.

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