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Greensboro Police Wear Body Cameras

5:14 PM, Oct 29, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- This is the first full week all Greensboro Police Patrol  officers are wearing body cameras.

The cameras, from the company, Taser Axon Flex are worn around the officers ears or can be attached to other items like glasses or a ball cap.

All the video gets recorded immediately and is sent straight to a third-party server  to make sure it can't be tampered with.

The first time we saw the cameras, in 2011,  the department had just three of them. But now,  the department has 295 cameras so all 400 of their officers wear them.
How do they make that math work?
Officers are either assigned their own camera or they rotate them between shifts.

To get a better idea of how the cameras can protect the public and police, we turn to our sister stations.

Attached you will see video  from a camera worn by an Albuquerque Police officer. The video shows why the officer drew his gun. Look closely to see the suspect obviously reaching for something in his waist.  Thankfully nobody got hurt here.

And in video from Idaho, an officer suddenly gets attacked by dogs.  He shot the dogs and the video proved the threat against him legitimate.
Experts say the video evidence could really help in court.

The cameras cost almost $1,200 each.

An  ACLU representative says it's a win-win as long police use the cameras in a way where they don't violate privacy.
There is talk in denver about allowing folks to request no video to be taken when an officer enters their home

Right now you're wondering if your tax money is paying for the GPD cameras. The department bought 125 with a federal stimulus grant. The Greensboro Police Foundation,  a non-profit organization, donated $130,000 for the other cameras.

Between a discount from the camera company, and no need to pay start up costs on the 2nd batch, the cameras are now fully paid for.













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