State Audit Finds Problems With Pharmacy Inspections

5:23 PM, Oct 24, 2013   |    comments
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RALEIGH, NC -- A state audit has revealed some interesting information about the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy. The report found the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy does not inspect all pharmacies on a regular basis. In fact, board records found 35 percent of pharmacies have not been inspected in four or more years and 21 percent weren't inspected in the past six years or more.

The audit says that inspection failure could threaten public health and safety. The audit said three factors contributed to the lack of inspections:

  1. There's no state law requiring regular pharmacy inspections.
  2. The Board of Pharmacy doesn't have a policy mandating how often pharmacies should be inspected.
  3. The board maintained lists for inspections but the lists weren't used to identify pharmacies that hadn't been inspected.

Another contributing factor - the board has a small number of inspectors available to perform inspections.

2 Wants to Know plans to dig deeper and check the inspection records of local pharmacies. We'll bring that story to you in the coming weeks.

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