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It Is The Old Door To Door Scheme

5:13 PM, Oct 23, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- If something is happening in one neighborhood, chances are, other neighborhoods will start seeing the same thing. We have reports from a group making the rounds in parts of Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

Such is the case for the door-to-door scheme. The Lake Jeanette Home Owners Association recently sent emails to their area neighborhoods alerting them to people going door-to-door.

In the newsletter, neighbors are advised to call police if they see these door-to-door salespeople making the rounds. There are legitimate door-to-door salespeople, but the neighbors who alerted the home owners association implied the people making the rounds there didn't seem on the up and up.

We talked with one man who didn't see this latest round of sellers, but says he's come face to face with others before. He said, "I asked for literature on the charity. He didn't have any. I asked if there was a receipt he could give me. He couldn't, so I sent him on his way." Not bad advice.

Officer Eric Rasecke with the Greensboro Police Department has seen his share of door-to-door calls.

"The solicitors will work one neighborhood and then travel to another. Most of the time there will be a lead person taking these subjects to different neighborhoods. The subjects may begin in the northern part of the city and then go to the southern part of the city to cover a large area."

Police  recommend you get  as much information as you can on the soliciting group and check them out. If they are legit, the solicitor will not have an issue returning later or waiting while you conduct a check through the internet.

To check a business or charity, you can do a quick search on The Better Business Bureau. Charities can be checked out on Charity Navigator.

"There are times when a citizen will call and we are able to locate the solicitors. At that point we check them out and ensure they are working for a valid company or organization as well as they are complying with the city's ordinances."

In Greensboro, as in many cities, the solicitor must have identification on them as well as possessing a city privilege license. If they do not then they are in violation and are subject to possible criminal and civil penalties

In Greensboro,  before a privilege license is issued, the city performs a background check on the person by the police department. If within the past 5 years the person has had two or more violation complaints or has had two or more offenses in any jurisdiction, the license will not be issued and would be revoked.
























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