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Food Science: From One State To Another

5:31 PM, Oct 11, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- With chocolate and food concoctions in mind, we remember that food is an an art and a science. 2 Wants to Know got an inside look at food science at its best. Have you ever wondered how a bar of chocolate becomes chocolate extract? How how salad dressing and chocolate can be turned into solids for display or garnish? GTCC chef and culinary technology professor Keith Gardiner explained.


Gardiner said they use something called a rotary evaporator. Gardiner said, "Some people would say it looks like a still, and in essence it is, but the liquid I'm using is not fermented." He used chocolate stock, made from boiled cocoa beans and started evaporating them. He said, "This machine has a pump and a vacuum so I can boil the water so there is not a loss of flavor." The machine pumps a refrigerant through the tubes which causes condensation, and the essence collects at the bottom. The essence is the chocolate flavor without the fat, cocoa, and sugar. 


Gardiner said they use something called an anti-griddle to turn liquids into solids. It looks like a pancake griddle, and hardens like pancake batter does, but it freezes the substance as well. It can be used for things like custard or salad dressing. They can make the dressing into a shape. Gardiner said, "I can take this spiral, so your dressing is on top, holding up the salad and changing right before customers eyes."

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