Need More Energy In Your Work Out? Breathe. Really.

5:26 PM, Sep 20, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- What do you do when you need to get that one last push-up in? You hold your breath and put all your focus into the movement. And THAT is where we all go wrong!

To get the last rep in, the last push-up or the last jump squat, we need to breathe! Funny thing is, our body naturally wants to hold our breath in!

Blair Meadows, Manager of Fitness Together in Greensboro, says, "Honestly, its kind of a natural tendency to want to hold our breath when we exercise, especially when we're strength training and lifting a heavy weight."

Blair goes on to explain, that when you hold your breath you're not getting your muscles the oxygen they need to perform so you can actually pass out.

"When you are performing an exercise movement, you want to think of the exhale as you exert. So therefore you're going to inhale before you do the lift, like so and then exhale as you're performing the exercise, no matter what it is, you exhale when you exert.

With a pushing motion like a push-up, you get down and your exertion is actually as you're pushing. So you exhale as you come up from the pushup. So inhale on the way down and then exhale as you come up, like so.

Appropriately breathing will give you the oxygen you need to all the exercise you need to do, the amount of reps and the amount of sets, and not completely fatigue before your workout is over.

"We all hear those types of people at the gym, breathing out, or screaming out, but it actually is beneficial because they are exhaling air. " It might not be too enjoyable to be next to that person in the gym, but at least they're not holding their breath while they're doing it.

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