Resetting The Family Clock For School

7:11 PM, Aug 2, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Resetting the clock...for the entire family is one wants to let go of summer. Piedmont Parent's Eleanor-Scott Davis says that's why you have to make getting up worth it!

"Make pancakes or let your kids play a video game or watch TV first thing in the morning, at least for a few days. In other words, give them some incentive," she said.

Eleanor-Scott says try moving the bedtimes up about 20 minutes every 3 days or so to prepare for the early alarm clock, but she says it's really about the whole family's routine.

"Start having meals at regular times. If your child will be eating lunch at school, make sure to keep that time in mind when scheduling your daily meals," she said.

Eleanor-Scott also says, beyond setting the alarm clock an hour or so earlier, start now to get them back into the habit of doing simple chores around the house to prepare them for new routines in the classroom.

"Children as young as 6 or 7 should help with clearing the table after dinner and putting dishes away," she said.

Lastly, Eleanor Scott says even when you do all this...the night before school there is going to be jitters.

"It's inevitable. So don't get all over them if they can't get to bed the night before. The excitement will carry them through the first day and you can get back on schedule after that," she said.

There is more to read about in this August edition of Piedmont Parent.

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