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All Imax Movies Are Not Created Equal & Other Movie Myths

5:44 PM, May 10, 2013   |    comments
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Undated -- Let's face it, movies can be expensive;
from the tickets to the snacks, it adds up!

So we found a few tips to help you get the most out of your movie experience!

First, the screen.
Imax tickets cost a few more bucks.
But not all Imax screens are equal.
The standard Imax is 72 feet wide by 52 feet tall, like the one in New York's Lincoln Square.

But to give the Imax experience, many theaters have converted their theaters by using a much smaller screen and moving the seats closer. So consider that when deciding if you really want to pay extra to see it on Imax or not!

We checked the triad Imax theaters.
The Regal Palladium Imax screen is 50 feet by 30 feet.
The screen at the Grand 18 is ____________________. (We're double checking on this!)

And you don't want to miss any of the movie, but sometimes, Nature calls! And app called "RUN-PEE" offers spoiler-free suggested times to run to the restroom so you don't miss any key plot points.  It will tell you the line to listen for -- and how long you have to get back in your seat.

And no more guessing if you'll want to sit through the credits to catch an extra!  tells you which movies have extras during and after the credits.

And probably most obvious check out the rewards program.
Decide whether it's worth it to sign up based on their fees, the rewards and how often you go!

You can read more movie myths and tips from the article.

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