The Truth Behind Those Funny Insurance Commercials

5:48 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- They make me giggle, you too? Yes, the Allstate "mayhem" commercials and the Liberty Mutual "human" commercials are entertaining. But can that stuff happen? And are you covered?

If you're asking that, then they've done their job says Stuart Powell of the Independent Insurance Agents of NC.

He says your hot water heater probably won't exploded out of your house through your roof and land in the street. But, he says your basic home owners policy would probably cover the damage caused. What it won't cover, "sometimes they won't pay for the hot water heater istelf, because it's a mechanical breakdown."

And when mayhem comes in the form of a cleaning lady, you might think, "I don't have a cleaning lady, I don't have this problem." You would be wrong.

Powell says, "your cleaning lady, if you have people come to visit, if you have kids coming over to play, they are covered under your home owners policy if they get hurt. "

The problem is, most of us have the minimum coverage to pay for their medical bills. Powell says it would do most people good to have more than the minimum. He says adding a bit more coverage really won't drive up your bill.

When it comes to the Liberty Mutual commercial that shows a man throwing a football into a grill which then ignites the car, Powell says most car insurance will pay for it due to the fact it's a fire in the car.

What he says is the real sticking point are the other scenes in the commercial where a basketball goal falls on the car smashing it or the loft in a garage falls on the car.

Powell says your homeowners doesn't cover your car. And your car insurance may not cover this kind of damage. "This would be covered under what's called other than collision. You are not required to have that. You are only required to have liability in case you hit someone else. In this case, you actually have to select other than collision."


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